Friday, August 8, 2008


“Amusement must never become an end in life. It
must always be a means, a help on the way--just 
as sleep is, just as rest is. An hour's amusement, 
should be to you, just what a night's sleeping is. It 
should make you stronger, clearer-headed, braver, 
calmer-souled, more hopeful, more earnest, more 
enthusiastic--inspiring you for godly living. Anything which leaves a taint of impurity upon the 
life, or starts a thought of impurity in the mind, 
anything which degrades or debases the soul--is 
an unfit and unworthy amusement for a Christian. 
Christian amusements must be such, as do not 
harm spiritual life; they must be means of grace.

’Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever 
you do--do everything for God's glory!’” J.R. Miller

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