Monday, September 15, 2008

God's Attributes

“Of all the essential characteristics of God’s being and nature, the greatest are His aseity, His simplicity, and His immutability. His aseity is His self-existence or pure-existence--thus, God identifies Himself to Moses as the “I Am that I Am.” His simplicty is His indivisibility--since God is pure existence, pure actuality with no potentiality, He is necessarily simple and indivisible. God's indivisibility follows also from His immutability, for if God could be divided, He could change--but God is unchangeable by nature. His necessity is His non-contingency--God is by nature an absolutely necessary Being. His immutability is His unchangeability--God cannot acquire anything new, since He could not be better or more complete; therefore, God cannot change. This reality immediately leads to each of the other attributes--His eternality, His unity, His infinity, and His morality--provoking us in heart and mind to exclaim with joy, how great is our God; how altogether-other is He.” Abraham Kuyper

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