Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Need for Parish

The nation's mega-church movement may actually be facing mega-trouble says a new report from USA Today. Attendance is down, scrutiny is up, costs are skyrocketing, and spiritual effectiveness is plummeting. As my friend, Bing Davis, has said, "More than ever, we need parish, i.e. a place to make real, long-lasting, kingdom-oriented relationships, not only with one another but with our neighbors, whoever they may be."

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Jason said...

Yeah & Amen,

Parish life....like a keepers of the faith meeting in someones home where our daughters of the covenant are encouraged to be like their mommies. Godly Women!! Thank you for your (And Karen's) faithful labors among us. I heard it was great.

Dear ole' dad and the boys were banished from the homestead for a couple of hours for a "girls only" night. We were reading books down @ Borders.