Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Parish Planting Lexicon

1.Local: Describes the particular geographical location of a parish church.

2.Collegial: Describes the interconnected, collaborative, and mutual relationship between parish churches and ministries.

3.Team: Describes the partnership and practice of ministry of the leadership in each church and between churches.

4.Center of Gravity: Describes the primary, but not sole, sphere of ministry for each pastor.

5.Multiplication: Describes the practice of extending and expanding parish-type churches to other locales.

6.Extended Church: Describes the half step toward a church plant, where one church is meeting in two locations. It is intended and designed to be an interim stage, where one church (the mother church) disciples the other toward becoming a church plant.

7.Church Plant: Describes a church that has moved beyond extended church to becoming a church in its own right.

8.Particularized Church: Describes a church that has become a church in its own right as recognized by the presbytery.

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