Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Parish Vision

Our sovereign God has called Parish Pres to be a vibrant covenant community of Christian faithfulness, holiness, discipleship, and evangelism bearing all the Biblical marks of a true Church. Gospel Word and deed ministry in our midst inevitably serves as a fountainhead of Reformational nurturing, teaching, training, equipping, and sending.

We will thus give ourselves for the building up of gracious Kingdom outreaches in Franklin parishes, the Nashville presbytery, the national culture, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth. Therefore:

1. Parish Pres is to be a Reformed, Presbyterian (PCA) church;

2. Parish Pres is to be a covenantal community;

3. Parish Pres is to be a model Biblical faithfulness—in its preaching and teaching;

4. Parish Pres is to model true Reformed worship: Neither traditional nor contemporary; Confessional and Biblical (both regulatively and contextually); Full of reverence and awe; Focused on congregational participation; Emphasizing every means of grace at every opportunity;

5. Parish Pres is to focus its efforts in practical patterns of discipleship;

6. Parish Pres discipleship should be a matter of both word and deed;

7. Parish Pres discipleship should nurture Reformational ideas in: Pastoral care and nurture; Personal and corporate holiness; Family integrity and covenantal succession; Practical teaching; Effectual training; Dynamic equipping; Purposeful sending;

8. Parish Pres is to be a mother church;

9. Parish Pres is to incubate various Kingdom outreaches: Church planting and the establishment of parish networks; Discipling and raising up the next generation of Christian leaders; Modeling, training, and equipping for Presbytery-wide initiatives; Pioneering any and all new opportunities to proclaim the Good News; Seeking the shalom of our city, our region, our state, and our nation; Reaching the world through Word and deed missionary endeavors.

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